Colon Cleanse First To Get Diet Weight Loss Jump Start

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When I coach people about how to be successful with weight loss they sometimes look at me funny when I tell them to begin their program with a safe natural detox colon cleanse

So let me tell you what I recommend to them and see if it might help you begin your weight loss program with a tremendous advantage and weight loss jump start.

If you stop to think about it for a minute this will make sense to you.

If you are overweight there is a very good chance you have been recently munching on some unhealthy fat-filled and potentially chemically processed foods.  

Your colon, that has been fed junk food instead of healthy fiber from fruits, vegetables and grains, will be a bit sluggish, impacted and filled with toxins.

When your digestive system is hampered with toxins your body can’t utilize properly the nutrients from any healthy food you might eat when you start a healthy diet and weight loss plan.

So even if you begin with great enthusiasm to eat in a more healthy manner, your body will still be stopped up and struggling from past garbage you may have eaten.

You may not know this but during some post mortem exams they have found up to five pounds of impacted putrified waste in the colon. Yuck!

So if you are about to go on a diet you really want to colon cleanse detox first.

Believe me, it will give you a tremendous head start on your weight loss (typically you can lose from five to ten pounds or more with a colon cleanse) and your body will be able to absorb and process the healthier foods and nutrients from your weight loss plan much better. 

Your first step toward healthy weight loss is a good colon cleanse  - check out what I recommend to my students.


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